Café Lingua!

IPAS – short for “Intergrative Project for International Students” – proudly presents: Café Lingua for all! Café Lingua is an offer from us to give international students the opportunity to get in touch with locals and vice versa, to talk about your experiences in your trip abroad or just a place to talk in your mother tongue.

The event will take place on the 4th of November 2015 in the Rote Kaserne/Marktstraße 40 , classroom 005.

There will be conversation pits, which each require speaking a different language. Move to or between the tables of your choice and be open minded for new impressions relating to language, meals,… culture so to speak. Because there will be some locals, we hope plenty of you will join in. The more people the bigger the clash of cultures will be.Café Lingua

Be prepared to speak:

– German         – English
– Chinese         – French
– Russian         – Spanish

We prepared some food for every pit depending on the language spoken in.
Don´t forget to take you friends with you!

Best wishes,

PS: For photos from our Café Lingua last semester check: