Bavarian TV @ our field station (Geilweilerhof)

Carsten Brühl about the visit by Bavarian TV at the labs at Geilweilerhof this summer.


Strolling through the vineyards (photo by K. Theissinger)

Bavarian TV visited us to document what we are currently working on regarding amphibians and pesticides. This resulted in a lot of action: Christoph Leeb showed them the first tests with telemetry and Common toads in vineyards, where he is looking at individual movements through the agricultural landscapes and possible pesticide coincidences. Kathrin Theissinger was fishing for tadpoles and explained the landscape genetics behind her current DFG project with Christoph, and I was talking a bit about our previous research with amphibians and possible pesticide threats that need further evaluation. The resulting 6 min clip is highly entertaining (at least from our side) and after an entire day of filming the material is mixed with lots of lab to field scenes. Enjoy!

Fishing for tadpoles (photo by XXX)

Fishing for tadpoles (photo by C. Brühl)

The clip can be seen here (in German).