A perfect mix of science, management & policy at the International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species

In this post, Verena Sesin shares her visit at the International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS) in Montreal from October 27-31, 2019, a forum for new and emerging issues related to invasive species in aquatic environments.

Looking for a place to share your applied environmental research with peers in science, restoration practice, policy and outreach? ICAIS is the perfect occasion to do so!

About to give my oral talk at ICAIS 2019 (photo by C. Robichaud)

I took the opportunity to talk about my applied ecotoxicology research looking at glyphosate effects and accumulation in invasive and native wetland macrophytes to inform sustainable wetland management practices.

Oral presentations were 15 minutes long with a 5 minute Q&A, in which I got great questions and comments from my engaged audience.

The best thing about this conference was the impressive diversity of plenaries and participants! Have a look at the full conference program here.

Fun activities at ICAIS 2019 included this cool photo booth (photo by C. Robichaud)

And they offered several professional development opportunities for students and early career professionals, including:

  • Student and early career researcher social plus a poster session
  • Special workshop where we students could ask any questions to a panel of senior researchers from academia, government and industry
  • Mentoring lunch for which we were paired with our favourite keynote speaker to have casual discussions over a delicious meal

All in all, I was amazed by the variety of interesting talks from passionate peers. Have a look below for my tweets about some of my favourite talks: