4 PhD positions in Environmental Science of Natural Toxins at Eawag

The Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) is offering four PhD positions for research in cyanobacteria and natural toxins ranging from analytical chemistry to microbial ecology.

Position 1 focuses on the ecological role of cyanobacterial metabolite production and bioaccumulation by herbivores. This 4-year position is in collaboration with Christoph Scheidegger at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research. It is connected to a larger project on genomic and metabolomic diversity of lichen communities in the Swiss alps focusing on biodiversity together with a PostDoc researcher. 

More information is available here: PhD in Environmental Sciences (link).

Image provided by E. Janssen, Eawag

Positions 2-4 focus on the production dynamics and transformation kinetics of toxins and bioactive secondary metabolites that define bloom forming cyanobacteria (cyanoHABs). The work is embedded in a larger project focusing on elucidating why toxic cyanobacteria bloom together with colleagues in environmental microbiologists and ecologists. More information is available in the official job postings:

PhD in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry (link)

PhD in Environmental Microbiology (link)

PhD in Ecology (link)

Image provided by E. Janssen, Eawag