3 PostDoc & 1 Technician positions in Aquatic Ecology & Evolution at Uni Bern

The Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern is hiring three PostDocs and one technician for a freshwater conservation biology project, including fish ecology, ecological niche modelling, and aquatic conservation.

The positions are for:

  • PostDoc: Fish ecologist, evolutionary or conservation biologist to lead the field work with emphasis on sampling, identification, integrative taxonomy, and ecology of fish
  • PostDoc: Aquatic ecologist, evolutionary or conservation biologist to co-lead the field work with emphasis on ecological and environmental data collection and invertebrates
  • PostDoc: Ecologist or evolutionary biologist with strong modelling skills to lead the niche modelling and projection of population dynamics and range shifts under climate and land-use change
  • Technician: Field technician in charge of all sampling. This includes electrofishing and snorkelling in streams, netfishing, diving and ROV operations in lakes, processing of samples and genetic lab work (barcoding and RAD sequencing) and obtaining sampling permits

Application deadline: 1 May 2021

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen (ole.seehausen@iee.unibe.ch)

For more details, please see the official job posting available for download below: